Sunday, June 29, 2008

Golf Architecture Volume 4 - The Evolution of the Wolf Point Club Routing

Paul Daley's next volume got to my office last week. I was very pleased to have the pictorial essay entitled "Wolf Point Club Routing, USA — An Evolutionary Case Study" included. As our process for designing and building Wolf Point has included digital records, I thought it would be very interesting to show the evolution of the routing plan. Actually it is one of the first things I thought would work well on this blog.

So after one year of blogging, tomorrow I am going to begin sharing the routing plan's progression - I will probably show more versions than are in the book. I always enjoyed looking back at the iterations - I hope you do as well.

The above is the cover image and here is Fullswing Golf Publishing's website .

All of his books are excellent. I recommend picking up his past volumes, especially Volume 3 which included my inclusion: "Non-traditional paths to becoming a golf course designer".
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