Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sand to build with....

Building a golf course in sand, like the above image, would be about 100 times easier than on the Gulf Coast of Texas. Yes we had some sandy loam and did harvest sand for plating from the site, and I still dream to build a course in the sand. Why?
Easier to drain - I wouldn't need drainage on the site picture I posted yesterday - which is the same as above. Dig a hole and there is a bunker.
Shaping in sand would be like using a steak knife in melted butter vs. a plastic spork on a tough steak. It is that much of a struggle to shape clay - it can be done, but not easiliy and certainly not fast.
The site has already set itself up to drain and I think I could build the course without any earthwork - why the routing is so important.
I will get my chance one day, even if I have to buy the land myself.
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