Sunday, March 23, 2008

Table from "Golf Design Tools"

The above image is of Mike Strantz drawing a perspective view of a golf hole - prior to construction. He used them to convey his intent to clients and the builder - often himself.

The following is a table that didn't make the print version of "Golf Design Tools: PAD vs. CAD." the intent is to highlight some method differences.

Some advantages of using CAD
Massive ability to reiterate - possible to create hundreds of routings
Ability to view and print at any scale
Volumetric and area computation ability
Organization and layers
No document scale i.e. one metre is equal to one metre
Limitless document space or size
Slope and drainage analysis
Programmable to repeat complex tasks like creating a scorecard or BOM
Communication and file sharing
Ease of importing into other documents
Fast renderings but look computerish
Input devices - mouse or large digitizer

Some advantages of using PAD
Familiarity - lots and lots of experience with well rehearsed rituals
The architect the client hired can do the design
Inexpensive tools – paper, pencil, scale and eraser
Ability to turn and angle the paper most comfortably
No upgrades ever
Don’t have to know what a node or handle are – no computer babble
Valuable originals like the recently unearthed copy of Colt’s Pine Valley plan
Beautiful renderings
Planimeter allows for area calculations
Digital cameras can capture work
Can work without electricity
Colors are true WYSIWYG with extensive ranges of values

Some advantages of using illustration software
Ability to draw freehand digitally in vector format
Grab and nudge a layer, sub-layer or group of items
Beautiful and economical renderings easily editable and scaleable
Routing directly on a digital aerial photograph
Computed properties and calculated BOM
Automatic tracing of scanned images
Associative symbols – especially for irrigation
Dragable scales and digital templates
Draw on tablet or directly on a special monitor or tablet pc
File is automatically set up with preferences – borders – textures – scales - colors
Ability to e-mail, import into other documents, export for the web
Adding effects like randomness or shadows
Filling features like bunkers and greens with artistic textures
Work entirely in a single file without breaking associativity
No marker lines, unless you want them
Programmable and plug-ins
No smudges or spills
Extensive knowledge base of users, training and support
Almost anyone can draw using the program and tablet

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