Thursday, March 27, 2008

The 7th - An Update

My 2nd favorite picture from earlier this week is above. It is of the 7th green looking back towards the tee. Here were the previous posts on the "once bottle hole" here and here. I've also updated the hole description link to the right, and will be doing so eventually with all the holes.

Why do I love this picture? The green shaping looks very unusual to me. There is a hump in front with a trough through the middle that drains water to the players left - which makes if far more receptive from the far left side of the fairway. It is a shortish par 4 down wind so the long player can challenge the bunker to try and get very close too - but it would be all carry over native grasses.

The grass being as dense as it is looks beautiful too. One can see the walk mower lines. In this image I see a huge milestone to the project and our efforts.


  1. Mike,

    WOW! What incredible coverage. Does the green extend right (from approach perspective) to the edge of the bunker?

    If green contours like that exist anywhere else in Southeast Texas, I sure haven't seen them!

    Salivating here, keep the pretty pics coming.


  2. Yes it sure does.
    Check out the earlier post and you'll see the sketch - which is from actual GPS data.

    Thank you for the comments and I've got a bunch more I took this week.


  3. Don't be bashful with those other pictures Mike. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the course.


  4. Kyle,
    Thank you.
    They are on their way...

  5. Mike, we are patiently awaiting a comprehensive photo journey through the course. Will your principal allow the sort of photo essay that are found on?

    I think that would allow many to at least experience the project, vicariously. Those rolls and countours may demonstrate you have a bit of Perry M in you! Cent'anni.

  6. RJ,
    Thank you.
    It is rolly in spots...
    Prarie Dunes is high on my list to visit.


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