Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Site Equipment - 100" Tree Spade

There is quite a bit of equipment on most golf course construction sites. I thought it might be informative to show some of the tools we used to build the course. This first picture is of Don in our 100” tree spade. Work was a little slow when he first arrived, and he cleared out some of the smaller live oaks from future fairways to fill in the front of the property. He got good at using it, all without any trouble – they get very heavy and are far more unstable with a tree and soil. It hasn't been used for any plantings yet, but it is nice to have the option easily at our disposal.

We never had a deadline for finishing, it has always been work at a pace that makes the most sense for the golf course and economically – this has had a huge impact on the overall quality of the project and I’ll be talking in detail about the philosophical ramifications – it is rare to have an appropriate amount of time.

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