Monday, December 7, 2009

Conceptual Golf Course Routing

This week I was hired to create a conceptual routing to help determine the feasibility of a golf course on this specific site. The goal was to have it quick and get a feel for what could fit. The above sketch is my first attempt.

The golf course takes up approximately 150 acres.
The lots cover 40 acres.
Commercial and electric easement occupy 15 acres, with an additional few acres for roads.

What I like about the routing:
The course plays along the creek for two spans at different times in the round.
It finishes with some really good holes along the creek.
A player can play 9 holes - or 5, or 12, or 15 holes and finish at the clubhouse.
The optional configurations are due to the triangulation in the lower portion and how the holes intertwine.
It is a very efficient use of the land - which is sandy and somewhat flat.
It would be relatively inexpensive to build and maintain.

What I'd try on my next attempt:
Having the holes play in different directions along the creek.
An internal clubhouse location so 16 & 18 aren't par 3s and returning nines.

Additional Golf Course Routing Resources:
Here is the evolution of the routing of Wolf Point Club
Here is an article I wrote about my routing processes

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