Sunday, November 15, 2009

Golf Architecture as Art

The following quotes are from the artist of the above self portrait. I thought they were most fitting to also describe designing and building a golf course.

"As human beings we don't view the world like a camera does, indiscriminately treating all details the same. A work of art done from life is the result of decisions made moment by moment by an artist. The result of which is an artistic interpretation of the subject based on the time shared between the two.

“Originality and quality are rarely achieved under such pressure (of a photograph). This same pressure has given contemporary portraiture an artificial, contrived and homogenized look.

As with any collaboration, communication is a key part of the process. If you’re having trouble communicating with an artist, search elsewhere. For an artist, to be chosen for a commission is an honor. Many artists understand the collaborative process and are a pleasure to work with. Finding that artist can be the difference between a work of art that you will cherish for years or a painting that ends up in the attic.”

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